Other Information for Parents and Carers

Charging for Visits and Activities

Educational visits and activities may take place during or outside school hours and may incur charges. These visits may include, for example, a farm visit, visits to a Museum, the Walker Art Gallery, etc. The school will ask parents for voluntary contributions towards the costs of these trips.
However it must be understood that:

There is obligation to contribute and that no pupil will be omitted from the activity because their parents are unwilling or unable to contribute. The activity will only take place if sufficient parents are willing to contribute. Charges will be levied in respect of music tuition. It is hoped that parents will continue to support school visits, which we believe, enhance the education of our children.

Complaints Procedure

The school and parent(s)/carer(s) working together can usually sort out most difficulties informally. However, if an informal discussion does not resolve the situation then the formal process of complaint may be initiated using the agreed complaints procedure; copies of this are available from school.

Lost Property

This is held outside each Classroom. All property brought to school by children is their responsibility.

Losses are greatly reduced when all belongings, especially clothing, are clearly marked with your child’s name.

Children should be discouraged from bringing unnecessary items to school.

Breakfast and Afterschool Club

The school has a Breakfast and Afterschool club.

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