Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum reflects our aspirations for the children of Our Lady of Good Help. It connects them to communities locally and throughout the world – reflecting our diversity. The content has been carefully selected to inspire and engage children.

Throughout the curriculum, they will have the opportunity to explore, build knowledge, create and present their work: vital skills for a life of learning. By the time our children leave OLGH, we want them to be confident, articulate, knowledgeable, upstanding members of the community, ready to continue their learning journey. 

Early Years Foundation Stage

At Our Lady of Good Help, children start school in the September following their 4th birthday and enter into the Reception class (part of the Early Years Foundation Stage).

This year provides many of the key building blocks to ensure children achieve their potential. A huge amount of learning takes place as children develop many new skills.

We place a great deal of emphasis on the development of speaking and listening in EYFS. On top of this, children learn to play creatively and with imagination. They explore games and rules. They use the continuous provision to role play from a wide range of topics such as dinosaurs, pirates, space etc. and from this they are provided with lots of opportunities to write independently for a purpose. For example, they might write a shopping list for the Tiger who comes for tea!!

Children are taught phonics as soon as they start at our school through Read, Write Inc. Children are able to progress at their own speed through the scheme. Every effort is made to enable children to keep up and travel along the journey of learning to read together by incorporating timely and frequent 1:1 support. Once they are ready, children are given home reading books and encouraged to read at home with the support of adults.

For maths, children explore their environment using Power Maths, like the rest of the school, as a stimulus. Children build knowledge and confidence in number and use their maths skills independently within continuous provision.

Physical development is given prominence. Children are given two weekly PE sessions, one with a specialist coach and are given ample opportunities to explore the outdoors using their fantastic outdoor provision!

Key Stage 1 and 2 Curriculum

We have developed our curriculum with thought and care using the latest research and up-to-date teaching strategies. Subjects covered within Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 are: RE, English, Maths, Science, Art and Design, Computing, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Music, RSHE and P.E. Key Stage 2 children also learn Spanish.

In English, once children have progressed beyond the Read, Write Inc. programme of study, they are immersed in a book-led English curriculum. Teachers use ‘The Write Stuff’ from Jane Considine to help them plan lessons which ensure children develop increasingly complex vocabulary and sentence structures.

In maths, children are immersed in the mastery approach using Power Maths. This high-quality resource enables teachers to improve the children’s reasoning skills effectively using small, incremental steps which help to consolidate the learning of key concepts. We also ensure children build the necessary fluency skills through our basic skills maths sessions – there is a focus on arithmetic, counting and recalling number facts.

A detailed curriculum overview has been mapped out for all foundation subjects across Key Stage 1 and 2.  In English, maths and science, we teach skills and knowledge leading to independent application. Year-on-year, these are built upon ensuring progression through the school. Opportunities to apply English and maths skills are planned into foundation subjects. Half-termly curriculum maps are sent to parents to ensure that skills taught in school can be reinforced at home.  Additionally, weekly newsletters are shared with families to enable discussions about learning to take place at home.

Foundation subjects are assessed at the end of every topic using working towards, expected and greater depth criteria. This information is then used to plan for the application of skills across the curriculum. Opportunities are then given to revisit skills to help children deepen their understanding, knowledge and skills. Our curriculum is filled with first-hand learning experiences, including visits to other settings, making good use of experts and subject-specialists that come into our school to further enhance the experiences of the children. These include: computing, performing arts, PE and well-being (mindfulness).

Phonics & Reading

The school teaches phonics and early reading using the Read, Write Inc. Scheme.

More information on this scheme can be found here:
Read, Write Inc. Information for Parents

This reading scheme ensures that children are taught phonics systematically, matching reading materials with sounds being learned at that moment and building knowledge step-by-step. The consistent approach from all of our Read, Write Inc. teachers ensures a seamless transition through the phases. Regular assessment of children’s learning maintains focus, challenge and progress.

Children constantly revisit learned sounds and are taught to read ‘red’ words (common exception words) and ‘story green words’ with increasing accuracy to support overall reading fluency.

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