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Communication between Home and School

The school does have an open door policy to communication and believes that the better the level of communication the less chance there is of misunderstanding. lt is important for all of us to be conscious that communication is a two way process and that a genuine partnership between home and school will be in the best interests of all of the children in our school.

  • Open evenings are held twice a year when parents/carers and teachers can meet to talk about children’s progress.
  • Written reports are sent out towards the end of the summer term.
  • Newsletters and letters to parents/ carers, giving details of school events, out of school activities, educational visits, PFA meetings and activities are sent out on a regular basis.
  • Individual interviews with the class teacher, and if needed the Headteacher, can always be arranged through the school office.

Home School Partnership

As a school we feel strongly that the education and development of each child depends upon a positive partnership between home and school in which both parties accept their own responsibilities towards the development of the full potential of each and every child in our care. The Home School Agreement encapsulates many of these responsibilities and we do sincerely hope that you will be able to commit yourself to this voluntary contract between home and school. This brochure should give everyone a broad picture of how we, as a school, intend to provide the good education that we promise in the agreement.

In education good practice aimed at raising standards have shown us that:

  • A debate between parents and teaching staff, as stakeholders in the school, adds to the positive atmosphere that should permeate a school;
  • The most workable agreements are linked to the overall aim and ethos of the school which we hope our agreement is;
  • The agreement provides clear obligations for all parties concerned in the education of each individual child;

Parental help is genuinely valued by the school in the process of education;

  • The children are consulted over the terms of the agreement by both family and school as they are the main stakeholder in this process;
  • The agreement provides a good starting point for staff, pupils and parents alike when difficulties arise;
  • It will provide a regular method for reinforcing agreed good behaviour, attitudes and practice and go a long way to raising standards.

Home School Agreement Notes

  • The signing of the Home School Agreement will not be a precondition of entry to school
  • No child will be discriminated against should the parent not sign the form
  • The agreement shall be signed by the parent, the child, the class teacher and the headteacher